About Seattle Farmers Market Association

Seattle Farmers Market Association is a Washington state registered non-profit operating European-style farmers markets in neighborhoods throughout Seattle.

Seattle Farmers Market Association operates the following neighborhood farmers markets in Seattle (click neighborhood to see individual market’s blog, and to get more information specific to that market):

Ballard Farmers Market
Madrona Farmers Market
Wallingford Farmers Market

Wanna Be A Vendor?
Fresh Bucks Program

14 Responses to About Seattle Farmers Market Association

  1. Perry says:

    I have $10 of fresh bucks and I don’t know which farmer’s markets accept them. Where can I use them? Are there months of the year or farmer’s markets where i cannot use them? Do they expire?

    • Fresh Bucks expire on Dec. 31st. If issued in Seattle, they are usable at any Seattle farmers market. However, only four Seattle farmers markets are still open at this time of year: Ballard (which we run), Broadway & West Seattle on Sunday, and University District on Saturday. Thus, you have four more dates on which to use the ones you have, and in fact, you can also get more of them and use them as well.

  2. If I’m a vendor at Fremont and Wallingford do I need to apply to madrona separately? Couldn’t find an email address to ask. Thanks!

    • If you have already applied and been accepted to Wallingford Farmers Market, you do not need to apply again for Madrona. However, you do need to check in with us to see if we can accommodate you at that market. Also, if you have applied to be a vendor, your application paperwork should have all the contact info you need on it.

  3. Roxie Jane Hunt says:

    Hello! I export organic fair trade bananas from my farm in Costa Rica. Is there a chance I could sell at a Seattle Farmers market?

  4. Hi, We are starting a young peoples’ garden and cooking program right across the street from the Madrona farmers’Market. Who may I contact to see if we could bring some information about our program and who we are? Many thanks, Libby Sinclair

  5. Julia Bush Swanson (dba "Good Medicine") says:

    I have been told that my infused oil,vinegar and honey would do well at the Market. I am asking for information on how to become part of the Market (exhibitor information, etc)

    I am mostly interested in the Ballard Market where everything is hand made. I grow, harvest, and make everything myself in the traditional herbal way.

    Thank you


  6. Michelle says:

    hi I’m from a non profit org and we are currently recruiting foster families in Seattle area. Since there are a lot of families will be at the farmers market in Seattle. We were just wondering if we can get a booth at the market to reach the families and send some flyers and broachers.
    Please let us know what are the application procedures?
    Thank you

  7. Dustin G. says:

    What does it take for someone to host a farmers market? Do I just open a business in the name of the market, rent a space for the day, and charge vendors? I am a legal medical marijuana patient in this state and want to host a farmers market where patients can come and trade medicine (grown product), as well as starts (baby plants) which are of a different strain (variety). Currently there is one person putting something like this on in Seattle, and Tacoma. I asked them how to do it, but they would not help me. They are charging $300 for vendors. Something tells me the fee could be cheaper. Please let me know what I must do to start a farmers market. Medical marijuana patients are legally able to trade their product. I have already spoke with my attorneys and Seattle PD. Thank you for your time.

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